Menu Consultation

Finding plant-based options on menus should not be a pleasant surprise these days. Plant-based options should be standard. Standard, innovative and delicious. With more and more people adopting a more plant centered approach to eating and actively seeking out those who are offering them, my best possible advice is to lead in this regard and not follow. This does not need to be complicated or expensive, the rewards will be too numerous to track and the best news is you don’t have to figure out your niche alone because this is my favourite kind of work. I speak vegan and can work with restaurant owners, chefs and caterers who are trying to dive into vegan culture to not only land loyal customers, the wedding, fundraiser or corporate event but to become a leader in the future of food. Don’t wait another minute.

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Ingredient Research and Design

No matter what your goals are for your plant-powered menu options I can either supply you with the perfect ingredient already in my repertoire or create it to fit your specific dish. I am always learning and always creating and will work tirelessly to satisfy even the most sceptical.


Wellness - Corporate and Retreats

The wellness world is vast and sometimes hard to navigate. Just when we think we have something figured out, new research comes along that debunks it. This often sends us reaching backwards for our old comfort foods even though we had decided to make a change that might have set us on a different path altogether. My approach to dealing with this is two-fold. One- if it sounds to good to be true it usually is so be savvy and discerning and two- I stick as closely as I possibly can to a whole food plant-based diet, which means I limit processed food as much as I realistically can. We are all human though and the sooner we accept that there is no such thing as a perfect diet (or perfect anything really) the sooner we can lose the judgement that seems to go hand in hand when we talk about food choices and get to the important stuff like opening our minds up to new and delicious plant-based alternatives.

I design my hour-long sessions around a food demo and eating because food is the universal language and we are all intricately connected to it. I have yet to meet someone that didn’t love to eat, learn something new about health and wellness and plant food and have fun while doing it.

Corporate Wellness Lunch and Learn Menu

Attention office manager, wellness team, human resources or whoever is responsible for deciding how to spend the wellness budget. Your employees are ready for this kind of education. These sessions speak to ultimate health and wellness through nutrition. Food is medicine! Choose from menu below or ask for something specifically tailored to your corporate wellness goals. I will work with you to find the perfect offering that will most highly resonate with your employees.

All series consist of 4 hour long sessions spread out over the wellness year and require a staff kitchen or lunchroom with power, water and tables (no oven required but a bonus).

The Superfood Series

The term “superfood” is used a lot these days, but what does it actually mean? The official definition just means a food that is nutrient dense but watch out because that can mean different things to different people. The foods that top my list and peak my curiosity are foods that balance the antioxidant content with price and availability. Each session will reflect the season and have a unique and inspiring food demo as well as lots of timely and relevant information for optimal health and wellness…and of course be a ton of fun.

Plant-power hour Series

A brand new four-week lunch and learn series focussed on quick, easy and delicious plant-powered ingredient swaps. Sessions are guaranteed to open up a whole new world of possibilities and shine a beautiful green light on daily food choices. People go nuts for these sessions! Breakfast basics, love your lunch, done like dinner, snack attack & guilt free desserts.

The Seasonal Six Series

A 4-part lunch and learn series that speaks to our unique and ever-changing best practices throughout the year. Just as the seasons change so should our strategies for optimal health and happiness. Life is not one size fits all and neither is this unique series. Think of this program like a refrigerator full of healthy food. We all might start with the same ingredient’s but we won’t all make the same dish! Each participant take away will be different because when we learn to apply a more long-term, sustainable and holistic approach to not only what we eat, but how we spend our time and actually live on a day to day basis…magic happens. And it will look and feel differently to everyone. Sessions include a comprehensive handout with all recipes and information covered included.

Happy and Healthy Heart

In this lunch and learn come and see, touch and taste Margie’s top heart healthy foods and learn about the mind, body connection that exists between everything we do, eat, think and say on a day to day basis. there will be recipes and a food demo and lots of time for questions and discussion.

 Wellness Retreats

If you are planning a retreat or even a weekend away with a group and are looking for a plant-based chef to cook for your guests, look no further. Nothing gives me greater happiness than feeding groups who have come together to heap on the self care. Be it a day, a weekend or a week. Option to add in a unique cooking class or interactive food demo. Will travel!

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Home Delivery

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